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Contributions and Services

We have a database of over 3,500 members of the family dating from the year 1620 to the present day. If you want to trace your roots or simply want some information about your close relatives why not contact us. With just a few basic details we can usually quickly establish exactly where you fit within the family tree. If we can’t help you immediately we are quite willing to carry out a limited amount of research on your behalf, at no cost, although this make take a few weeks.


Even if you are not particularly interested in tracing your Cubberley family history we would be most grateful if you could contact us and add your details to our World-Wide Family Tree.


Should you decide to add your family details and photographs to the family tree you receive a high quality print out of the relevant pages showing your immediate family and your ancestors. I offer this service free of charge but am happy to recieve donations.



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